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The Two Faces of Thatri (2023) - ธาตรี

Title: The Two Faces of Thatri (2023) - ธาตรี Thatri

Thatri Thatriphan has gone bankrupt due to his extravagant spending and luxurious lifestyle. He has nothing, not even his house to his name. He doesn't even have anybody to rely on as both his lover and his friends have cut him off after he became bankrupt. One day while travelling by train, he chances to meet an old friend also named Thatri. This Thatri was once poor but has now become one of the heirs of a millionaire whose asset he is on his way to inherit. Unexpectedly, the train is bombed. Thatri makes it out with only a scratch, but his friend has more severe injuries and will need time to convalesce. His friend, therefore, requests that Thatri, bearing his same name, go appear as Thatri Worraphat to receive the inheritance in time. Thatri sympathises; a chance to change your fortunes such as this doesn't come easy.

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