Big Dragon (2022) - มังกรกินใหญ่ [EP08End]

Title: Big Dragon (2022) - มังกรกินใหญ่ Big Dragon the Series , Mangkorn Kin Yai

Yai and Mangkorn are romantic rivals. One night, at Yai's newly inherited pub, the two drink together. Yai has nefarious plans for the evening, but they backfire, and he and Mangkorn end up spending a wild night together. Taunted by Mangkorn, who has footage of their hookup the next day, Yai takes his anger out on the pub. He hopes to forget what transpired between them and sink himself into pub renovations, but when he meets with the design team, he's surprised to see fifth-year architecture student Mangkorn among them.

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