Happy Bad Year (2023) - ชะนีปีชง

Title: Happy Bad Year (2023) - ชะนีปีชง Chani Pi Chong

"Chani Pee Chong" is a drama that tells the unlucky story of 3 siblings who are fully united in "Chong" when Duean (Tonhom Sakuntala), the eldest sister, is a top house salesman, age 42, older sister of Dear. (Peak Phattharasaya) middle sister The 32-year-old feisty superstar heroine and her youngest sister, Dream (Carisa Springett). A 22-year-old new graduate who hopes to make 100 million with her brain and clicky fingertips. But his destiny, which was at its most glorious, suddenly became "completely brewed" on the day the sun set. (Total solar eclipse) Unforeseen events inevitably occur with all three.

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