Venus in the Sky (2023) - ห้ามฟ้าห่มดาว [EP10End]

Title: Venus in the Sky (2023) - ห้ามฟ้าห่มดาว Ham Fa Hom Dao

Over the past 3 years, both of them had grown apart. Venus decided to quit his job. He planned to return to his hometown to take a career break until his passion for work was reignited. In the meantime, he killed boredom by helping his older brother Janus, who had just opened a 24-hour convenience store in a suburb. In the evenings, he would be responsible for small tasks such as delivering items to regular customers whose residences were located on his way home. One day, Venus met a new customer, Sky. Sky, an incessantly good-humoured, highly energetic young doctor despite mountains of work at the hospital, is happy to see Venus after so many years and wants to rekindle their friendship. Venus, having been rejected after confessing to Sky three years ago, wants nothing to do with him and does his best to avoid Sky as much as possible. Can Sky rekindle Venus' love for him? Can Venus forgive Sky? Time will tell...

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