Ossan's Love Returns (2024) - おっさんずラブ-リターンズ-

Title: Ossan's Love Returns (2024) - おっさんずラブ-リターンズ- Ossan's Love 2 , Ossan's Love Season 2 , Old Man's Love 2 , Ossanzu Rabu 2 , Ossanzu Rabu Ritaanzu , おっさんずラブ2

Haruta Soichi and Maki Ryota, who returned from Singapore, started living together as newlyweds. However, work and housework become too much for the couple, so they try housekeeping services to make their domestic life easier. But the person who appears at the door turns out to be the retired Kurosawa Musashi! Will the love triangle between them happen again?

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