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Duang Jai Thewaphrom I : La-ojan (2024) - ดวงใจเทวพรหม 1: ลออจันทร์

Title: Duang Jai Thewaphrom I : La-ojan (2024) - ดวงใจเทวพรหม 1: ลออจันทร์, Duang Jai Thewaphrom: La-ojan , Duang Jai Thewaphrom 1 , Laochan , ดวงใจเทวพรหม: ลออจันทร์

La-ojan has just graduated from France and applies to be a secretary for Mom Luang Phuthanet Juthathep. Her intention is to steal the "Ajna Chakra" necklace, a precious piece of jewellery from Wiang Phu Kham which was sent to be displayed at the JT Center Mall owned by Phuthanet. During this time, their relationship slowly builds. He has fallen in love with her at first sight, and La-ojan grows gradually more attracted to him too.

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