La Cuisine (2022) - เมนูลับฉบับแก้มยุ้ย [EP13End]

Title: La Cuisine (2022) - เมนูลับฉบับแก้มยุ้ย The Secret Menu of Kaem Yui , Menu Lap Chabap Kaem Yui

This is the story of Ram and Lukchup. Ram is a third-year architecture student. He's good-looking, filthy rich and the popular guy of the university. But he's a picky eater, the food that you can easily buy doesn't satisfy his taste buds. Lukchup is a cute junior with chubby cheeks who studies Food and Nutrition. He has a crush on Ram but doesn't have the courage to confess. Luckily, one day fate brings them together, with food and Thai desserts as the bond.

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