Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (2012) - ธรณีนี่นี้ใครครอง [EP21End]

Title: Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (2012) - ธรณีนี่นี้ใครครอง Who does this earth belong to? , Thoranee Nee Ni Krai Krong , Thorani Ni Ni Khrai Khrong ធរណីគ្រងស្នេហ៍

Athit is an agriculture graduate. Instead of working as a government employee, he decides to do farming. Therefore, his father sends him to work at his grandmother’s farm. Grandmother Daeng welcomes him as none of her children had wanted to work the land. Athit works hard, soon becoming Daeng’s favourite grandchild. Living on this land, not only is the work hard, but Athit has to deal with problems from Darunee, a high-school girl Daeng has adopted. Darunee worries that Athit will steal Daeng's love. Years later, When Daeng passes away, she wills Athit to take care of her property and be Darunee’s guardian. As Darunee grows up, she begins to understand Athit more. She knows that he puts a lot of effort to develop the land. They help each other to solve the problems on the farm. The relationship between them is getting better. However, the story does not end easily. Neither knows what their hearts need.

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