Love Poison (2019) - ข่อยฮักเจ้า เรารักกัน [EP08End]

Title: Love Poison (2019) - ข่อยฮักเจ้า เรารักกัน Khaawy Hak Jao Rao Rak Gan

Ko likes to sing and quickly becomes a net idol with many fans. But he is not interested in anyone except a boy from his school, a footballer named Teng. Hoping to change Teng's feelings towards him, he goes out with his friends in search of the "Love poison" that could make Teng fall in love with him. The friendship between the two grows as Ko teaches Teng to sing, knowing that Teng only sees him as a friend. Over time, Ko begins to notice other people and starts to distance himself from Teng, who later realizes that he doesn't want to be separated from his friend.

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