Cooking Crush (2023) - อาหารเป็นยังไงครับหมอ

Title: Cooking Crush (2023) - อาหารเป็นยังไงครับหมอ How's the Food, Doc? , Ahan Pen Yangngai Khrap Mo

Third-year cullinary students Prem, Dynamite and Samsi are intrigued when they find out about a cooking competition with a huge reward that would be perfect for their gang. Prem is losing confidence in his skills as a chef when he meets Ten, a medical student under a heavy burden of stress. Ten approaches Prem to teach him cooking, and Prem uses this as a scam opportunity to make money. However, as the lessons go on, it isn't just the food that's hot, but also their faces as they slowly fall for each other.

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