Bussaba Lui Fai (2023) - บุษบาลุยไฟ [EP.25End]

Title: Bussaba Lui Fai (2023) - บุษบาลุยไฟ Busaba Walks Through the Fire

In the early 19th century, Lumjuan, a clever girl, learns poetry and helps her father in the theatre. While her sisters focus on becoming proper ladies, Lumjuan meets Hun, a Chinese man who faces bullying. A misunderstanding leads to trouble, but as time passes, Lumjuan grows into a beautiful woman. She despises Intra, a powerful officer who mistreats women. After a bomb explosion, Lumjuan fakes her death and disguises herself as a man named Chaek. She reunites with Hun and they develop deeper feelings for each other. Lumjuan showcases her poetry skills, but Intra recognizes her and plans to capture her. The story follows Lumjuan and Hun as they face challenges in their quest for love.

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