Suea Tat Sing Ling Lok Jao (2023) - เสือตัดสิงห์ ลิงหลอกเจ้า

Title: Suea Tat Sing Ling Lok Jao (2023) - เสือตัดสิงห์ ลิงหลอกเจ้า

This story follows the covert mission of four "tigers," elite spies concealing themselves to wipe clean the evil path of mogul Pa Sing. Pa Sing excersises great influence over the village of Ban Huai Krathing Thong. Outwardly, he's a benign help to the villagers. Behind the scenes, however, he's running illegal business. Four exeptional talents are therefore gathered from round the county to take up the secret Golden Bull mission and infiltrate Sing's territory. Jak works on the railroad, Khatha becomes an able seaman on a passenger ship, Sang a Likay star and Mai-ek a comedian. They face many direct obstacles from Sing's right-hand man Big and Sing's three wives Fonthong, Judy and Khaikung as well as obstacles of the heart. Jak is faced with police officer Kathi—the daughter of the village head—and Khatha has feelings for Pa Sing's daughter Dujdao.

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